Regional Representatives

Click here to apply for 2020/21 Regional Representative position.

Vacancies for Reps are currently on the following regions: London, and Edinburgh. If you are located in any of these regions and you are happy to take the role then please feel free to apply! 


Sydney Kuda

Region: Preston Leeds (covers Lancaster, Bradford and York)

School: University of Central Lanchashire

Course: Medicine

BSU email:


Hello my name is Sydney Kuda, a second year medical student at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston and the BSU regional representative for the Preston-Leeds region. I did  my A Levels at Maruapula School before heading to the UK for further studies. My course being a very human centred course has enabled me to learn how to understand and work well with people from different backgrounds. A large aspect of my course also deals with mental health, which is a really critical issue in this time and age, therefore I will be hands on in helping all of you however way I can in this aspect. I am well equipped with interpersonal skills and everyone that knows me will tell you that I’m a social bug and very friendly so be sure to be met with a warm smile and good energy. I am here to serve you and ensure that your stay in the UK is a smooth and worthwhile one. I am very excited to work with all of you and make lifelong and meaningful relationships with you all. God Bless.

Kenanao Sithole

Region: Leicester (covers Norwich, Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln and Keele)

School: University of Nottingham

Course: PhD Mechanical Engineering (Year 1)

BSU email:


Hi, my name is Kenanao Sithole. I recently graduated from University of Nottingham in Mechanical Engineering and am now pursuing a PhD. I have been in the UK since 2015 and have thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. The city I have lived in while here, Nottingham, is a mixture of a vibrant student culture coupled with large, beautiful parks with lakes, teeming with reindeer and nature.

A bit about myself. I am passionate about grabbing life by its… Therefore, I am inspired by the determination and ingenuity of young Batswana on the Top Achievers, using their grit to make a brighter future for themselves. I am very sociable so in my spare time I enjoy playing football and hosting dinners and bible studies in my home (not as easy now with COVID-19). I have been heavily involved with a local church as a student small group leader and in kid’s ministry. Also, I enjoy a good conversation about philosophy, entrepreneurship, and just plain banter. Some of my favourite books are, The Lean Startup by Eric Ries and 12 Rules For Life by Jordan B. Peterson.

Contact me about how to settle in the UK, finding part-time jobs, and tackling Uni life effectively.

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Cecilia Moalafi

Region: Leicester (covers Norwich, Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln and Keele)

School: University of Derby, 2019-2023

Course: PhD Financial Economics 

BSU email:


You can expect realist advice and recommendations, based on my personal experiences, and information collected online. You may want advice on how to ace all of your exams, what to do when you have failed your modules, how to apply for a PhD with a 2:2, or renting accommodation when you do not have a UK guarantor etc. I am here.


Joseph Zacharia

Region: Kent

School: University of Kent

Course: Actuarial Science with a Year In Industry

BSU email:


I am Joseph Zacharia, a penultimate Actuarial student at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Previously I attended rainbow High School for my A levels. I am super charged at the opportunity of serving as the Kent region BSU representative as it gives me an opportunity to do what I love- helping my countrymen. I intend to dedicate myself to serve my term with my highest humility and diligence. Looking forward to building a long-term network capital based on my jolly and sociable nature. My line will always remain open for you, fear not and get in touch when need arises. Pula!


Palesa Ndlovu

Region: Swansea (covers Bristol, Exeter, Cardiff and Bath)

School: Swansea University

Course: Applied Medical Sciences

BSU email:


Dumelang, I am Palesa Ndlovu, a second year Applied Medical Sciences student at Swansea University and regional representative for the Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and Exeter areas. Living abroad comes with several challenges however you do not have to do it alone. I look forward to improving the quality of your student experience overseas by operating on an open door policy therefore if you have any questions, queries or suggestions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on the above email address.

Kudakwahe Chuma

Region: Dublin

School: University College Dublin

Course: Medicine

BSU email:


My name is Kudakwahe and I am the Dublin regional representative. I completed my A levels in 2019 at Livingstone Kolobeng college. Currently I am a 2nd year medical student at University college Dublin, Ireland. I am very consistent, resilient, humble and selfless. All these qualities will be essential in being a good regional representative. As one of the representatives, I will be performing my duties wholly in a professional manner with enthusiasm. I look forward to working with you. PULA!


Pholo Motshidisi

Region: Newcastle 

School: Newcastle University

Course: Electronic Communications Engineering

BSU email: 


I’m a 3rd year Electronic Communications engineering at Newcastle University, class of 2022. I represent Newcastle Upon Tyne and the North East, UK. We aim to make your transition into studying in Newcastle and the North East smooth and interactive with the new environment and fellow Batswana in town. Welcome to the North East. Feel free to make contact, see you around.

Nonvula Mosarwana

Region: Swansea

School: Cardiff University

Course: Accounting and Finance

BSU email:


My name is Nonvula and I am a current student at Cardiff University in Wales, pursuing an MSc in Accounting and Finance. I completed my BSc in the same course at the University of Kent which included a year spent in Industry as a Finance Analyst. Before this I did my A Levels at Rainbow High School. I aim to execute my duties reliably and diligently as a representative for both current and prospective students in the Swansea region. My years spent as a peer mentor and student representative at the University of Kent, coupled with other experience gained from varying engagements will be instrumental in ensuring smooth organisation and facilitation of programs as well as collaboration with the entire BSU populace.  Happy to serve, always. Ke a leboga. Pula!!!


Kingsley Dintwe

Region: Manchester

School: Manchester Metropolitan University

Course: Economics and Finance

BSU email:


I am a final year Economics and Finance student at Manchester Metropolitan University. I completed my A-levels at Al-Nur school in 2017. After my freshman experience in the UK, I was keen on improving the Botswana student community’s interaction and making sure most of the issues we face are relayed to the High commission and our sponsor, DTEF. This was the reason I had a stint as the committee President. I am back as a regional representative as I believe this will help ease the process of voicing concerns and communicating with the committee

Thapelo Mothatego

Region: Oxford (Includes Reading, Southampton, Guildford and Buckingham)

School: University of Oxford

Course: PhD Materials Science

BSU email:


Greetings! My name is Thapelo, a 2 nd year PhD student working on Laser Physics applications. Prior
to the start of my PhD, I completed MEng Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial College
London and A Levels at Cardiff Sixth Form College. Do get in touch if you have any questions about
anything to do with living in the UK or settling in. I would also be happy to share some tips I picked
up over the years should you seek academic/professional advice such as exam preparation,
university applications and graduate schemes. I am pro knowledge exchange so of course any other
discussions are welcome. Aku-sacrifices on if you’re into that. Many thanks!


Atang Ramadi

Region: Birmingham

School: Aston University

Course: BSc Logistics with Supply Chain Management

BSU email:


My name is Atang Ramadi and I am your Birmingham Regional Rep. I am currently in the final year of my BSc Logistics with Supply Chain Management degree at Aston University. I did my A-levels in London, and Placement Year in Leeds last year. Throughout my schooling career I have interacted with and formed lasting relationships with people from all over the world, which has made me that much more open minded and receptive to people’s individuality. I’m friendly and keen to assist you with anything you might need help with about university or UK life in general, so don’t be afraid to reach out to me on any platform. 

Jeminah Lotshwao

Region: Sheffield

School: University of Sheffield

Course: BSc Economics

BSU email:


Dumelang bagaetsho! Greetings everyone! My name is Jeminah Lotshwao. I am a young lady who hails from Kanye,Botswana. I am currently doing my second year in BSc Economics at the University of Sheffield.I completed my A-levels in 2019 at Rainbow High School.I like to refer to myself as a hardworker.I am passionate about everything that I do.I am a bubbly person who likes to interact with others.Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or just need someone to talk to.I love speaking Setswana,so if you are ever in need of someone to chat with in our language I will be happy to do so.To the Sheffield and Hull community,it is my honour to serve you.