Atang Ramadi


I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Aston University and will be pursuing my Master’s this upcoming academic year. As president, I hope to increase transparency & collaboration, cultivate a greater sense of community and facilitate a more inclusive Union. My capable team and I will work to ensure that students do not feel alone in the UK & Ireland, make the most of their time here and feel supported in every respect. I am friendly, approachable and determined to make your experience here that much better, so feel free to reach out to me. I hope to see everyone at all the fun events we have planned. Ke a leboga.


Palesa Ndlovu

Vice President

Applied Medical Science student and alumnus of Al-Nur School who has acquired knowledge and experience in leadership through various roles including regional representative in the previous year which will be beneficial to her current position in the BSU committee.  As a co-leader in this team, Palesa will diligently perform her duties as Vice President and uphold transparency, professionalism and in all her work and interactions with the student body, her team, the Botswana High commission and other stakeholders.


Jeminah Lotshwao

Chief Financial Officer

My name is Jeminah Lotshwao, a young lady who hails from Kanye. I am currently doing my final year of BSc Economics at the University of Sheffield. I completed my A-levels in 2019 at Rainbow High School. Whenever people ask me to describe myself, I like saying that I am just a young lady who loves the Lord and is on a relentless pursuit of living a wholesome life. Most people say I am bubbly, a quality which I can’t refute. My values are love, integrity, and respect. In everything that I do love is always at the centre. I believe loving people and loving what you do makes life more fulfilling. Being honest and having strong moral principles brings forth success. Respect for people and the work that I do helps me maintain discipline. As aforementioned, I am on a relentless pursuit of living a wholesome life and becoming the Chief Financial Officer of the BSU is my latest quest at living out my mission. My personal values are aligned with the qualities needed in a financial officer. Moreover, as I am an economics student, I have been taking some finance courses which have honed my money management skills. Accounting knowledge forms part of my skill set. I have studied accounting at both Secondary school and A-levels. I am also Microsoft office proficient. I have recently been voted Head of Social Media/Marketing for the Economics Society of my university and I also served as the regional representative for the Sheffield region in the BSU last term. Serving as a regional representative has given me insight into the level of commitment and collaboration that is needed to make our union a success. These expertise will help me perform my tasks meticulously. I am ready and eager to serve the Botswana student community in the UK and Ireland and this position will help me achieve that. My aspiration is to see our union more financially stable i.e. having some funds of its own which it can use to efficiently run its operations. Ke a leboga!


Lorato Malebe

Chief Communications Officer

Dumelang betsho!My name is Lorato Malebe, a second-year BSc Accounting & Finance and Economics at the University of Kent. I am honoured and proud to be the Chief Communications Officer for the Botswana Student Union this year. I always appreciate a challenge that will allow me to flex my creative muscle and this position is right up my alleyway. My interest in communications and media was cultivated during my time as the Social Media Officer for the Kent Economics Society, of which I am still a member. During my tenure as CCO, I intend to create informative and engaging content for incoming and continuing Batswana students, while strengthening the rapport between us students and the High Commission. I am always open to queries, concerns, criticisms and compliments and I do hope we make this year one for the books. Ke a leboga.


Katego Gobotswang


A second year Actuarial Science student at the University of Kent after successful completion of A-Levels at Maruapula School, wields diversified experience in record keeping, data analytics and
project planning acquired from prior activities and projects. Actively inspired by the leaving management which led the BSU with sheer will, discipline and hard work I am determined to innovatively adopt the work culture to carry out my duties as Secretary for a better Union.