Our Values


We greatly believe in working together as committee members, the student body, the High Commission and other stakeholders. We believe in sharing ideas and constructive discussions that will be essential to the growth of the union and also of individuals.


With all our interactions as stakeholders respect will always be fundamental!​



We take our roles with a huge level of seriousness, we are committed to go above and beyond in serving the community of Batswana. We are honored to be putting things together in the interests of all stakeholders. We take immense responsibility and accountability in the work we do.


We have a teamwork approach in all the projects that we engage in, and recognising that although we have individual tasks, everyone's contribution matters and is an essential part to the successful completion of the project. We also believe in collaboration with other organisations and/or individuals. One of which is The Runaway. Teamwork makes the dream work!


We will strive to do everything in a transparent manner. One way would be the publication of the BSU's financial accounts on the website.​