Botswana Student Union Welcomes You

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The Botswana Student Union (BSU) is a student-led body that is a liaise between the Botswana student community in the UK & Ireland and the Botswana High Commission office. The BSU was founded in 2009. The union hosts various events annually at which Batswana students in the diaspora can network, and is also a bridge between prospective and current students. The success of the BSU over the years is attributed to efforts of the Botswana High Commission, the BSU committee members, present/past stakeholders and the engagement and contributions of the student community. Your contributions are recognised and greatly appreciated.

Re a leboga.


Upcoming Events

  • Easter Fun Day & Football Tournament
    16 Apr, 08:00
    Manchester, Manchester, UK
    Join us on the 16th April 2022 for the annual Easter football tournament. This time, it’s going to be a full day of fun activities for everyone!

The BSU committee is made up of students elected into their respective positions by the cohort of students within the BSU region. Committee members are a link between the student community and the Botswana High Commission. The current committee positions are that of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Chief Finance Officer and Chief Communications Officer. Also pivotal to the growth of the BSU body is the Alumni community and other stakeholders.


Atang Ramadi

Ask questions, give suggestions and have live discussions about issues affecting the student community.


Our core values provide a framework within which we can test decisions, accomplish tasks and collaborate with others.